xTool P2 Review: Premium CO2 Laser for Small Business

If you want to start a small laser engraving business, the xTool P2 is the one and only machine you’ll need. It can engrave and slice a wide assortment of materials with the kind of speed and quality you simply can not find with a diode laser. The P2 is a deluxe machine packed with premium features and at $4999, may not be in the budget for the average hobbyist. It comes fully enclosed with a powerful 55 watt CO2 laser, camera for remote positioning, air assist, exhaust fan, and metal grill for elevating projects off the base. The lid locks for extra safety and pushing the release button will automatically stop the laser.

xTool is calling this a “desktop” machine, which is technically accurate if you’re the Incredible Hulk. This beast weighs 99 pounds, takes up 39 inches of counter space and took two men to hoist into my studio. 

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