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His skills were noticed globally, with Garrincha voted into Team of the Tournament at the 1958 World Cup, before being elected Player of the Tournament in the 1962 World Cup in Chile. And Brazil won both competitions, too!

An explosive, agile and diminutive right winger, Garrincha was a gifted talent. Welsh defender Mel Hopkins, who faced Garrincha in the 1958 World Cup, said:

“Garrincha was more of a danger than Pelé I believe at the time, a phenomenon, capable of sheer magic.”

Garrincha, the creative master, has played most of his football with Botafogo Club and Brazil’s national team.

He scored nearly 135 goals and made 92 assists in around 350 appearances at both club and international levels.

3. Zico

  • He helped Flamengo win the Copa Libertadores in 1971

  • He netted four goals in five appearances at the 1982 World Cup

  • He scored nearly 260 goals in 420 appearances at both club and international levels

Another star of the esteemed 80s era, Zico was earning praise in Brazil’s capital with Flamengo Club from an early age.

After dominating his small stature in his early days as a young player, he helped Flamengo win the Copa Libertadores in 1971, ultimately going on to win multiple championships in Brazil and South America. 

Developing a crucial partnership with Socrates and others in the midfield, Zico was a combination of multiple South American attributes:

Zico was famous for his skills and finishing, and he was also a set-piece maestro. It was his flamboyant vision, though, that set him apart from his rivals.

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