Marshall’s latest amp turns back the clock with homage to original Studio JTM

Most audiophiles know that Marshall has been around and producing high-quality audio gear for quite some time. It all started back with amps, and the brand’s latest addition pays homage to one of the first. There’s a new Studio JTM model, taking inspiration from the much-loved original from 1962. This lightweight model celebrates the 100th birthday of late founder Jim Marshall.

Most strikingly, you’ll find that the new Studio JTM looks very familiar. Marshall is using the same fawn-coloured cloth on the front, the same black on gold branding, and even the same red enamel coffin logo. All the fittings, knobs, and fixtures on the amp are period-correct. While new to the shelves, this bit of kit will take you back to the 60s.

Powering the new Studio JTM, you’ll find many of the same components as the original. The latest model packs ECC83 preamp values, 5881 power amp valves, ECC83 phase splitter, and a G12M-65 Creamback Celestion speaker. Marshall promises warm, growling, and versatile sound that’ll take you back to the days of rock and roll. Terry Marshall (Jim Marshall’s son) commented that the Studio JTM’s sound took him back to his original. We’re confident you’re in for some stellar audio here.

Marshall’s new Studio JTM model is available now from the brand. You’ll find multiple configurations available, letting you pick the kit you need for your audio set-up. For $2350/£1075, you can grab the ST20H 20W head by itself. If you need bigger sound, the larger combo retails for $2650/£1279. And the 1×12 and 2×12 companion speakers go for $1480/£565 and $1850/£765, respectively.

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