Biden Suffers a Series Of Misfortunate Gaffes

Another day, another awkward moment by President Joe Biden. 

On Friday, Biden was caught on the hot mic during a panel with world leaders from South Korea and Japan while discussing security concerns in the Pacific, asking the press to leave. 

Toward the end of the panel, the 80-year-old president signaled to staffers that he wanted the reporters to leave before turning to smile at the crowd. 

“Politely ask the press to leave,” Biden can be heard saying off-camera. He then proceeds to ignore questions from the press as he awkwardly smirks and turns away. 

During the same press conference, the president appeared confused and disorientated while addressing his Japanese counterparts. 

“Who am I yielding to?” Biden asked after he was prompted to yield the floor to another speaker. 

An announcer quickly interrupted, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, the prime minister of Japan.” To which Biden incorrectly responded, “President.”

His series of embarrassing blunders didn’t stop there. 

In the middle of his speech, meant to underscore the close ties between the U.S. and Japan, Biden raised eyebrows as he got caught up in words. 

“…So we can get ahead of the issues as they appear with the experience that we’ve experienced during the pandemic — excuse me, this is falling off…” Biden mumbled. 

On top of that, the president awkwardly walked away without shaking hands with the other two leaders on the stage.

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